Seven Weeks Old – Newfie Pups!

The litter of Newfoundland puppies is seven weeks old.

I thought I’d share some photos.

(These photos belong to the breeder – they’re not mine. ¬†She has given me permission to share.)

In the first photo, the mom is teaching her babies about retrieving a stick.


The puppies are curious.

What does mom have and will she share?

She lets them take a look.


It doesn’t take long for the pups to figure it out this Stick Stuff.

Hey everybody, look what I got!


Playing with a stick is fun!

But wait a minute …

Mom is over there, and she’s the one with milk.

Let’s see who can get to her first!


And then, once they had enough milk …

Let’s practice retrieving again!

Maybe our human mom will want to give us more of that other type of food?


Because, clearly, we’re starving to death.

Nobody ever feeds us?

2 Responses to “Seven Weeks Old – Newfie Pups!”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    I just can’t get enough of these puppies!

    • Suzanne

      I can’t either.
      I feel like I’m waiting for Santa to arrive … the waiting and anticipation are killing me.
      Making it worse, due to the distance involved, I have to wait longer than the normal 8-9 weeks to get my pup. It’s killing me!


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