This and That

•  I closed comments on the post about my heartbreaking puppy experience.

Sometimes, when people know they’ve behaved badly, they try to save face by misleading others about what they’ve done and/or why they’ve done it.

Maybe they even convince themselves … who knows.

The puppy post was about to turn into a war of words between people who are choosing sides based on *things they’ve been told* vs. the actual facts.

If nothing else, I learned a few powerful lessons from my car accident.

Life is too short to fill it up with negativity and bullshit.

I want to move on from what has been a very bad, and heartbreaking, experience.

I do not want to rehash it over and over again.

In other news …

•  I have a very busy week running all over Orange County.

•  It’s the middle of October.  How the hell did that happen?

•  Have you bought Halloween candy?  I haven’t (yet).

•  I am STILL very freaked out about rattlesnakes.  If you want to freak yourself out too, you can watch a live rattlesnake birth here.  It is terrifying.  (Good Halloween material!)

•  The annual monarch butterfly migration should be starting any minute now.  I’ll try to capture some photos for you soon.

•  I have to have some terrible girl-parts stuff done to me today.  I’m dreading it.  If I don’t have a post up tomorrow you’ll know it’s because I didn’t feel up to writing yet.  On the other hand, if I have a goofy post up you’ll know I was on pain meds after the procedure and writing instead of sleeping.


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