Adventures …

I’m preparing for (what should be) my last out of state shoot in 2014.

It’s a trip that has been in the making for about two years.

Originally, I was going to be on this shoot for six days with two other photographers.

I thought I’d be accompanied by a puppy in training also.

My sister’s accident, of course, has taken priority.

Now, I’ll be at the shoot Friday through Sunday night.

During those three days, I will probably be working 22 hours of each 24 hour period.

It will be intense because …

Well, I have three days to do six days worth of shooting.

It will be a lot of fun.

And very cold???  (Polar vortex!!)

And extremely exhausting.

I will be in Colorado with my sister Monday and Tuesday of next week.

I think I arrive in Colorado around 3 a.m. on Monday.

Did I mention exhaustion?

And do you know how cold Colorado has been this week?

(“Aaack!” says the Southern California girl who doesn’t own any warm clothes or shoes!)

But, that’s okay.

Because after this trip … comes the holiday season.

(And we all know how restful the holidays are??)

My arm is going to be extra-challenging on this trip.

It’s been rebelling this week for unknown reasons.

And, I know, I am about to push my limits in every arm-way imaginable for five nonstop days.

I’ve learned to “manage” my disability as best I can over the past few years.

I’m seeing Paul Newman today.

I’m taking “emergency” drugs with me in case I need them.

I’m seeing Dr. Painless the first morning upon my return.

(And probably Paul Newman again too.)

I’m not sure if I’m going to have Internet available during the first few days of this adventure.

I’m going to be in some very remote locations.

If I can I will post updates.

If I can’t do a full blog post I will try to provide brief updates via:

•  Facebook

•  Twitter

•  Instagram

I doubt if I will have time for any other forms of social media …

If I can even find Internet access at all.

Did I mention I’ll be In-The-Middle-Of-Nowhere-Texas??


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