How Bored Are You?

Jury duty was a nightmare yesterday.

I brought my laptop so I would have stuff to do while I was there.

The Superior Court in Orange County (Santa Ana) brings in HUNDREDS of prospective jurors ….

Most of whom sit in a giant waiting room all day and are never called.

Yesterday was worse than normal because the court’s computer system went down.

That Internet I was counting on?

Well, it wasn’t up and running.

The court couldn’t function either.

They didn’t send us home because they thought they might be able to fix it.

Eight hours later …. we were sent home.

Boredom can actually physically hurt for people like me.

(You know, the Type A people who have to always be doing something.)

There were a few moments, now and again, when the Internet would work for a fleeting second before going down again.

I made a game of trying to track my new phone – which I had recently received a shipment notification on.

First check … it was in China.

Second check … it was in Korea.

Third check … it had arrived in Alaska.

Fourth check … it had departed Alaska.

I imagine it will arrive here in Orange County later this week?

Yes, I was THAT bored.

Apparently, my exasperation was humorous to the people seated around me.

I felt the need to keep up an ongoing commentary regarding various characters in the waiting area … like Loud Talker.

After one particularly long stretch of nothingness, I informed my new prospecitve juror friends it was quite possible I had just bought a dog.

They found this hilarious.

Who buys a dog while sitting in court waiting to be called to a jury?

And okay, I might not have actually BOUGHT a dog.

But …?

Two different people have brought two different, adorable, Newfie puppies to my attention recently.

Pretty soon it might start raining Newfies?

(That’s what happens when thousands of people are aware of The Puppy Who Almost Was.)

There are so many great people out there trying to help me find the perfect service pup.

I’m almost afraid I’ll come home one day and find twenty baskets of puppies waiting on my front door.

To be honest, I’d love to have lots and lots of puppies.

The rest of my family?

Well, they might not want TWENTY (150 pound) dogs.


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