Marfa, Texas

Are you tired of hearing about my Texas trip?

I promise to move on to something new tomorrow.

(Although, I might come back with more Texas stories in the future.)

Marfa, Texas, is one of the most unusual places I’ve ever been to.

At one time, Marfa was a dying town.

Now it has become a tourist destination due to an eclectic collection of minimalist art.

Marfa is also famous for mysterious lights which sometimes appear on the horizon at night.

(The Marfa lights were featured on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries.)

I didn’t have the opportunity to spend a night looking for mystery lights, but there’s no doubt a lot of people come to Marfa just to see them.

I took the above photo one morning in Marfa.

The man pictured is named Mark.

I had met him the night before, and then ran across him the following morning.

Marfa is a very small town.

We kept running into the same people over and over again.

Many of them, we met the first night when we stopped into The Museum of Electronic Wonders & Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour.

The Museum opens at 9:30 p.m.

If you’d like a drink, you need to bring your own alcohol.

When you walk inside, you find a small room with several old TVs, radios, and various old electronics.

You can order a grilled cheese sandwich to get rid of your late night munchies.

And, drink the beer you bought somewhere else and brought in.

And, talk to other people who happen to wander in for a late night grilled cheese sandwich.

It’s all very odd, but in a fun way.

There’s a lot of “odd” and “unusual” in Marfa … it’s a very funky place.

I like funky.

I could have found things to photograph in Marfa for days and days.

But, alas ….

Click on photo to purchase, or to view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

It was soon time to hit the road again.

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