Random Things

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on:

•  I bought hiking boots yesterday.  No kidding, I’m about twenty years overdue for a pair of hiking boots.  (I always wear sneakers while hiking.)  I was going to wear my cowboy boots to Texas, but I don’t think I could wear them 24 hours a day for three days straight while shooting.  My feet would be killing me.  Hiking boots are definitely not pretty-ish, but they’ll be a lot easier on my feet.  I bought Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots.  They don’t need a “break-in” period and they’re SO comfortable.  I’ve already worn them for several hours.  They aren’t cheap, but they’re worth the price.  I bought mine about a half size up so I can wear them with very thick socks when I’m in freezing Colorado.

•  I’m trying to get all my gear, and enough clothes/toiletries for five days, into two small carry-on bags.  It’s a CHALLENGE.  The photography gear is hard enough … but the Polar Vortex is complicating the rest of my packing.  Shorts and tee-shirts just aren’t going to cut it.  (It was 2 degrees at my sister’s house when I checked yesterday!)

•  Don’t tell anyone, but there’s a Unicorn Mask packed in my very small suitcase.  Considering the weather, it might not be the smartest decision I’ve ever made.  But, who needs room for clothes in their suitcase anyway?  Besides, if you can’t walk out in a unicorn mask in the middle of a serious shoot, what fun is life?

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•  Paul Newman helped reconnect my arm to my body yesterday.  I don’t know what I’d do without that man.  Unfortunately, when my arm pops off (and on) my body at whim, it leaves me in a lot of pain.  It’s not the best circumstances to begin a photo marathon.

•  Although I’m sworn to secrecy pre-shoot … I will be able to talk a little bit about what I’m doing once I’m in Texas.  If/when I can access wi-fi, I will attempt social media updates.

•  I’ve never driven in snow and/or icy conditions.  Ever.  My biggest worry about my upcoming trip is driving an hour from the Denver airport to my sister’s house, and then back again.  I wish I could just rent a snowmobile and drive it down the highway.

•  I hope my new phone arrives today before I board my plane.  The touchscreen on my current phone is only working intermittently.  Also?  It would be really fun to play with the iPhone 6 plus camera while I’m on this trip.

Stay tuned ….

5 Responses to “Random Things”

  1. Judi

    My husband and I bought hiking boots this week, too, since we’re heading to Utah soon to explore Zion and Bryce Canyon.

    I’m sure Denver is used to a lot of snow so hopefully the roads will be plowed quickly and at least everyone else knows how to drive in that weather so that’s one less thing to worry about.

    Hope all goes well in Texas for the shoot, that your arm doesn’t fall off again, and that you are able to provide some comfort and support to your sister and her family.

    • Suzanne

      I love Zion and Bryce.
      Hope you have a great time.
      The Denver highways were plowed, but the road up the mountain to my sister’s house was downright scary!

  2. Julie in Michigan

    Have a nice trip Suzanne. Can’t wait to hear about the secrecy. Aside note: did you hear/see the latest KK butt news? haha, hope I made you laugh!

    • Suzanne

      Yes, I did.
      I wish KK would just disappear from everywhere.

  3. gracie corn

    What were the results of your Chemical Peel? Please email me. I jsut had this done.


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