West Texas

There was a moment while I was in west Texas …

A moment when I realized cowboys still work ranches, saloons continue to exist,

And, clearly, I was no longer in California.

The man on the left is named Bailey.

My friend, Thomas (on the right,) had just bought Bailey a beer.


Well, I saw a perfect photo opportunity.

4 Responses to “West Texas”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Your trip offered some wonderful photo opportunities which you clearly utilized! Love all the pictures you made.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      There were so many great photo opportunities.
      So much fun!

  2. Dorothy

    My favorite all time story happened when we were living in Idaho after growing up in NY state. We had a 22 month old at the time who was an early talker and decided to go to the big warehouse store to pick up supplies. It was cheap, you marked your own groceries with a grease pencil after taking them out of boxes. The local ranchers came in to do most of their shopping there, too. We were waiting in line to pay and our little girl kept staring at the guys in front of us wearing cowboy hats and boots with several carts full of supplies. She was super friendly and caught the one man’s eye after staring at them for along time and came out with …. “Hiya Cowboy” … in the sweetest little, dead serious voice with an invitation at the end of it. He cracked up and we laughed and laughed. How she even knew to say that was beyond us! Our little girl was a flirt from day 1, signs of things to come!
    And oh yeah, Cowboys do exist!

    • Suzanne

      That’s a great story!
      Yes, it’s kind of nice to know cowboys are still out there!


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