A House Divided

Some families have divided loyalties over colleges and/or college teams.

Some families are divided over their favorite football teams.

Or music choices.

My family?

We are playing The Name Game and it’s being taken seriously.

Everything is progressing with Puppy-To-Be.

(My future service dog, best friend, and photography assistant!)

The puppies turn seven weeks old today.

As most of you know, we previously were promised a puppy from a breeder.

When the puppy turned eight weeks old the breeder told me I could come get him “anytime” and helped me name him … Fred.

A few days later she backed out of our agreement (presumably to sell the dog to a friend) and we were left puppy-less.

Now, we are approximately three weeks away from getting a puppy.

The *new* (to us) breeder has requested and accepted a deposit.

Everything is moving forward.

I’m gun-shy from my Bad Breeder experience.

The *new* breeder is nothing like the previous one.

She’s been very upfront and direct, and has been way more professional.

But still, once you’ve had a bad experience you can’t help but have some concern over the puppy purchasing process.

I tried not to think about puppy names the first several weeks,

But now, the “what to name the puppy” conversation has been popping up more and more frequently.

We are (give or take) three weeks away from acquiring “our” puppy.

I don’t want to use the name Fred … because I still associate it with the puppy I fell in love with and had snatched away.

There are six immediate family members  arguing over  suggesting dog names.

Everyone seems to have strong feelings on the matter.

Sometimes a person has an objection to a name based on an association with that name in their past.

I didn’t expect the naming process to evoke such strong feelings.

Family members are lobbying for their favorite names and attempting to squash down the names “competing” with their favorite.

The only thing that is “definite” so far, is that we DO want an “old man” name.

I’ve been asking everyone what their grandfather’s names were.

Some of the names we’ve had suggested so far are:
























If you want to suggest a name not on the list … maybe your dad/grandfather/uncle’s name –

Please feel free to leave it in the comments section.

If you have a strong liking of one of the above names, feel free to tell me that too.

The only “name requirements” we have right now are:

1)  It needs to be a man’s name – not a name like “Spot” or “Boomer.”

2)  We don’t want a name that is popular with human boys right now.  For example, the names Ryan and Matthew would not be considered.

3)  We don’t want a BEAR name … There are too many Newfies named Yogi, Ted, and Baloo.


41 Responses to “A House Divided”

  1. Tonya Cinnamon




    I love these best of all. Alfred was my grandpas name 🙂

  2. Patricia Radtke

    My grandfathers were Archibald (known in the family as Arch) and Grant. Great-grandfathers had more common names, John and Jesse. Or there’s Clarence, an in-law.

    Love your blog and the photos are always something to look forward to!


    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      I hadn’t thought of the name Grant … I will add it to the list.
      I think Archie is on our list, but I forgot to add it above.

    • Suzanne

      I love the name Henry.
      I figure if no one can agree on a name it is a great safe bet.
      Newfs look like Henrys don’t they?

  3. Missy Stalcup

    OMG. You knew this would drive the comments! My picks- Elliott, Oliver, and Winston.

    • Suzanne

      Actually, I didn’t Missy.
      So few people comment these days.
      I’ve started feeling like I’m talking to myself.

  4. Amy

    Both of my Grandfathers had old man name; Clarence and Benson!

    • Suzanne

      Ahhh … you’ve come up with a few new ones for us to think about!

  5. Mj

    Oliver, Angus, Saxby and Benson
    I am over the moon excited for you to get this puppy 🙂

    • Suzanne

      We’re excited too.
      The waiting is the hardest part.
      I can’t wait to love him and begin teaching him about life as royalty …
      Because he will be treated like royalty in our house!

    • Suzanne

      Nigel – that’s a new one for our list.
      I like it.

  6. Pam

    Leonard and Otho are 2 of the OLD names in my family. Barney sounds like a fun name for a dog. Winston and Alfred are my favorites on your list. Can’t wait to see pictures of the baby boy. 🙂

    • Suzanne

      I’ve never heard the name Otho before.
      Is that short for Othello?

      I can guarantee there will be a lot of puppy photos to come …!

  7. Jane

    My dad’s name was Thurman! Or how about Thurgood? I hope this experience is completely different from your last one and that you bring your sweet puppy home.

    • Suzanne

      I like Thurman …!
      Thank you for for a new name (two versions of it!) to add to our list!

  8. Steph

    I can’t wait until you get the puppy! I wish I had a male pet to name. Names I like are Stuart, Albert, Abe (Abraham), Louis. Whatever you pick will be perfect!

    • Suzanne

      I like all those names too.
      I think I like TOO MANY names, and everyone else in my family is very picky!

  9. Julie in Michigan

    Tobias was my grandfathers middle name. My other grandfathers name is on your list already, Truman.

  10. Linda M.

    My grandfathers were Eugene and Francis. One of my husband’s grandfathers was Henry! My boys named our small dog Thor! (He is a jack-chi… Jack Russell, chihuahua mix, with the name Thor!) I think that is kind of funny, but we all like the name.

    • Suzanne

      It really is fun to think about all the name possibilities!

  11. Beverly Buys

    Of the names listed Osborn stands out to me.

    Here are some other “old man” names.





    • Suzanne

      Thank you for adding to our list! You came up with some great additions!

  12. Cathy B

    I’m late to this party, but my grandfathers were Ernest and Alec (Alexander). And I haven’t seen George yet! Seems like a perfect Newfie name to me.


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