It is COLD here!

I know “cold” for us isn’t *as* cold as it is for most of the country.

(My sister said it only got up to 2F/-17C at her house in Colorado yesterday.)

Still, it’s much colder than it should be here right now.

How cold is it?

Today is supposed to be the coldest day of this storm with a high of only 56F/13.3C  and a low of 37F/2.8C.

Last night it was really windy and rainy … at least, here at my little house in the canyon.

I’ve got a house full of frat boys here for a couple days.

Last night I made a huge pot of chili and baked cornbread for them.

That seemed to make them happy.

Today I’m going to attempt to find a quiet hiding place (possibly in a closet?) so I can get some work done.

If I’m not shooting, I work (photo editing/marketing/pricing, etc.) out of my home.

It can be difficult when the house is bursting with house guests.

I’ll have a lot of guests staying here, off and on, for the next several weeks.

(Maybe everyone is avoiding the even colder temperatures where they live by coming to visit?)

Hopefully, our new puppy (my future service pup) will be coming to join our family in a couple weeks too.

House guests, a new puppy, a backlog of projects for work …

Sound fun?

I guess it would get boring if there wasn’t always a lot going on.


I’m really excited about a lot of my upcoming work projects.

I think 2015 is going to be a very good year.


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