Busy, Busy, Busy!

I’ve been running around Orange County like a mad woman.

Most of what I’ve been doing has not been gift-shopping related.

Most of it has been an attempt to get myself together enough to go to parties this weekend.

Am I the only woman who feels like I need to get my act together before I go out in public?

Are most women already “together” all the time?

Am I the only one who is a Slob-In-Motion until I know I’m going to be “seen?”

I’m getting my haircut today.

Yesterday, I got a pedicure.

In hindsight, I don’t know why I spent time on a pedicure.  I don’t think anyone is going to see my toes since I’ll be wearing boots.

I also dropped my camera off at the brand new Canon Center in Costa Mesa.

(It’s further away from me than the old center was, but it’s a lot snazzier.  I have to drive all the way back there today to pick UP my camera – I didn’t want to deal with shipping even though it’s free for me.)

My camera was still filthy from my last trip … there was a lot of dust contaminating my camera sensor in the Texas desert.

I can’t go into the weekend without my camera being in tip top condition.

I also stopped into Stuart Moore at Fashion Island.

My wedding ring was made by Stuart Moore.  It was in bad need of cleaning and polishing.

They’re always great about making it look brand new.

It’s magical how they do that – and they’re such nice people too.

Now, my ring is nice and sparkly for the holidays.

Two days ago, I got my nails done.  (And no, I don’t go to the same place for nails and toes.  Long story!)

That same day I also got waxed … just in case I get drunk at a party and start undressing???

Why do I feel like I need to do all this stuff when there are, clearly, not enough hours in the day this time of year?

It’s probably the only time ever when my nails/toes/hair/etc. are all done at the same time vs. at random intervals.

I will be well groomed for parties this weekend?

And yes, my tree (ahem … Christmas tree) is still naked.

The tree is going to have to wait until sometime next week.

Poor tree.


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