Dead Week

At colleges, the week prior to finals is referred to as “dead week.”

Dead week is a study week … no classes, and not yet finals.

It’s a time with no structured commitments.

I always think of the week between Christmas and New Year’s as dead week also.

Christmas Tree Etc © Suzanne Haggerty 2014 W
Some of us have to work, but a lot of people aren’t working, aren’t going to school, and aren’t doing much of anything.

Even if you DO have to work, it seems like not a lot gets done because it’s such a quiet week.

How can you get much work done if the people you work with are vacationing even when you’re not?

I admit, I’m moving in slow motion myself.

After the rush and chaos of the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s been great to “do nothing” for a few days.

I had a nice Christmas.

I hope you did too.

My tree is already down, and the ornaments are put away.

I might have left the tree up longer but my son has invited a lot of his college buddies to our house for a few days.

I wasn’t sure there’d be enough room for everyone with a nine foot tree taking up so much of my living room.

On Christmas Eve, a few friends stopped by.

It was nice to visit with them.

On Christmas day, my older son (the one in North Carolina) “face timed” with us a good portion of the day.

We put him up on our TV and opened presents together, after he was done working for the day.

In that way, technology allowed us to be together for our first Christmas apart.

The last few days have been made up of lazy days, lots of leftovers, a couple jigsaw puzzles, and family time.

Today …?

Well, for me today means back to reality.

It will be a slower than normal work week, but I’m back to work nonetheless.


It’s time to put away all the baked treats we were gifted with and concentrate on a more normal, healthier, lifestyle again.

It sure was fun while it lasted though!

2 Responses to “Dead Week”

  1. Michelle

    I’m glad you had slow time, and were able to face-time with your son. We skyped my brother in Germany last year when the Aussies were all together, and it was fun. This year was a quieter year.

    Hoping the slow time was great refreshing for you and you are able to jump into things with the energy you need.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Yes, it was nice to slow down.
      I think everyone needs a few days somewhere along the line when they can “just do nothing.”


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