December 10, 2014

•  Yesterday was my parent’s anniversary.

They’ve been married SIXTY TWO YEARS.

How is that possible?

I can’t even imagine SIXTY TWO YEARS.

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•  Did you watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last night?  Those girls are beautiful … and so TALL!  Wow!

•  Do men really want women wearing wings?  I kind of want to see a man parading up and down a runway now in tight underwear while wearing wings.

•  My stress level has dropped significantly since I’m able to work again (courtesy of my fourth trip to the Apple Store).  I’m realizing I could pull off Christmas if only I wasn’t going to be gone for four days between now and then.  Oh, well!

•  One of my readers asked me what “my type” of preferred Man-Look is after my post last week.  I can answer that question pretty easily:  Adam Levine.

•  Have you noticed all things retro are “in” right now?  I love it.  Once the holiday rush is over, I’m going to pull out my film cameras and play with them a little.

•  I was running around in summer clothes yesterday (looking absolutely nothing like a Victoria Angel).  The sunshine isn’t going to last.  I hear a HUGE storm is arriving on Friday.  Northern Cal is going to be getting a lot more of the stormy weather than we will.  Still, I’m so excited for a storm.  I have a fully booked day on Friday which is too bad.  I’d love to be hunkered down by the ocean taking photos in the storm.

•  My Christmas tree might not be decorated, but I have red sparkly nail polish on in anticipation of my upcoming party weekend.  (Priorities?)

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  1. Missy Stalcup

    Oh I’m sorry, but didn’t you hear, Adam Levine is my boyfriend! Hands off!


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