I’m a disorganized mess this holiday season.

But, regardless of whether I’m ready or not, Christmas is coming soon.

My posts will be sporadic for the next week or two as I juggle family events, etc.

At least, with help, I finally have a decorated Christmas tree.

We get a really tall tree due to the vaulted ceilings in our house …

Here’s a photo of the top portion of the tree:

Christmas Tree Top © Suzanne Haggerty 2014 W

It was nice to get some help because a large tree is a BIG project to decorate.

(Also, Paul Newman has forbidden me from being up on ladders ….  I don’t have very good balance since I don’t use my arms like normal people do.  Arms have a lot to do with balance, did you know that?)

I baked a lot over the weekend.

My arm is off-the-charts bad … which is, unfortunately, not a surprise.

Thanksgiving through Christmas is my “worst” time of year as far as pain management goes.

(But, it will be over soon and there are a whole lot of positives during the holidays to counter the pain issue.)

I don’t buy myself clothes very often, but I bought myself a new pair of black boots over the weekend.

I’m very excited about my new boots which is absolutely ridiculous.

Right now I own three pairs of boots …

A pair of (very) tall dark brown (Frye) boots which I love.

I’ve had them for three years and I like them as much as they day I purchased them.

My Lucchese cowboy boots … which I really like, but can only wear at cowboy-boot-appropriate events.

A pair of black (very cheap quality) boots I’ve had for several years.

The black boots started falling apart when I was up in L.A. recently.

I began looking at holiday boot sales once I got back home.

I wanted to replace my falling-apart-black-boots.

It seemed foolish not to take advantage of the lower prices available right now.

I wanted a classic style, and a quality boot.

Our weather is too warm to wear boots *that* often.

I didn’t want to buy boots that would be out of style next year, or even the year after.

(It takes a long time to wear out a good pair of boots when you live in a warm climate.)

I ended up ordering Frye Melissa Button Boots.

I think they’ll arrive tomorrow, on Tuesday.

Of course, I do feel guilty buying something for myself this time of year.

But, I also know I would end up paying a lot more if I waited and purchased them when they aren’t on sale.

Do you ever buy something for yourself when you’re gift shopping for other people?

How about when you *need* something and see it on sale?

(Please tell me you do … it will ease my guilt!)

6 Responses to “Holi-Daze”

  1. Judi

    We got our tree last Saturday (12/13), and it is still sitting without a single ornament on it. I’ve kept it watered, but just haven’t had time to put up any of my decorations in the house, much less on the tree. Now it almost seems pointless, but I’ll finally have time on Wednesday morning (Christmas Eve!).

    • Judi

      Oh, and I almost always buy something for myself when out shopping for other people, if there’s a sale!

      • Suzanne

        That’s good to hear.
        I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    • Suzanne

      I felt it was kind of pointless to do it so late also.
      But, I know it means a lot to my kids even though they are all (technically?) adults now.

  2. Babs H

    Every year I try not to “gift” myself; every year I fail! This year I have gifted myself a couple of sweaters, new boots, and some fun new make up (which I didn’t need but wanted!). So no, don’t feel bad – we all do it! Merry Christmas!

    • Suzanne

      You’ve made me feel so much better.
      I hadn’t thought about make-up …!


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