Ready or Not

My car is in the shop for a couple days.

(Talk about terrible timing … who wants to have repair expenses in the days right before Christmas?  Ugh!)

I do have a loaner car, but I probably won’t be using it a ton.

I’ve decided to spend most of today at home – wrapping gifts.

(Paul Newman is cringing?  “Nooooooo … don’t do it,” he yells through the Internet … while waving a screaming, detached, arm in the air.  P.S.  I have a very active imagination!)

I hope to have my car back by tomorrow so I can do a few (very) last minute things.

In the meantime, I’ve been living on cookies and coffee … isn’t that healthy?

(And to think, I was being very health-food oriented until a day ago.)

I admit, I feel a little sick from living on caffeine and sugar for the last 24 hours.

It has been so beautiful here.

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It’s a shame to “waste” a day indoors wrapping gifts.

On the other hand, the more I get done the less stressed I’ll feel.

There will be time for the beach, and walks, and hikes, and everything else in just a couple more days.

Next year I’m going to be WAY more organized and on top of things than I am this holiday season.

(Seriously, this is my most disorganized year EVER.)

Remind me to get my act together in 2015 around mid-September, okay?

I want to be able to brag about having everything Christmas-y done by Halloween.


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