Tis The Season

I know I’m going to flip out with holiday stress any minute now …

But, I’ve been too busy with non-holiday stuff to stress out about the fact I’ve done nothing (Christmas-related) yet.

Today I’m visiting a close family friend who recently had an adorable baby boy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a baby in my life.

I’m looking forward to meeting him.

I had so much fun buying gifts for him ….

It made me want a baby of my very own.

(And no, I’m absolutely not planning to do anything about those maternal urges.)

Tomorrow I will (finally!!) see Paul Newman.

It has only been two weeks since my last visit, but Thanksgiving is always particularly brutal on my arm.

(I’m pretty sure the rain is not helping either … did you know changes in barometric pressure really DO affect joint injuries?)

I had an appointment yesterday with my orthopedic surgeon and I begged him not to touch me.

I am *that* inflamed right now.

Of course, in my doc’s eyes it’s all the more reason I need to have Surgery #10.

And …?

I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I just want Paul Newman to keep taking care of me so I can manage my life as best as I can.

(Confession:  Paul Newman wants me to have Surgery #10 also.)

Purchasing a new computer a day or two before Thanksgiving was not my smartest move.

I’ve been trying to get work done half on one computer, half on another, and partially on an iPad.

I haven’t had the time to consolidate everything to one place.

(Lesson learned!)

Also, newborn babies, and fluffy puppies, have to take priority over decorating my house and/or gift shopping.

Everything that needs to get done will get done, eventually.

I’m just not sure WHEN.



8 Responses to “Tis The Season”

  1. snappy

    Same content day after day, year after year. The sexiest and BEST therapist and pain doctors, surgeons, the OC has to offer; nary a word about the RNs who most likely see you too. Chronic pain, pain meds, yet somehow you’re able to start a company and haul heavy equipment around, not only haul the equipment around but then set it up, get into all sorts of weird positions in order to get that perfect picture.
    And you do all of that on strong strong narcotics that you are “not addicted to”. Let’s not forget how you arrive at destinations to take those pictures: you get behind the wheel of a car while on narcotics. Hmmmm. I read your blog maybe once a year, the content rarely changes. Neither do the pictures.

    • Suzanne

      Haha! This is HILARIOUS!
      Normally, I delete troll comments but this made me laugh out loud so it stays.
      OMG Paul Newman is *not* the “sexiest” … ha ha. Laughing so much and he will laugh a lot too.
      I haven’t seen a single RN – sorry to disappoint.
      This “troll” comment is so good … I think it’s post worthy.
      Thanks for the content!
      PS Can’t stop laughing and I’m not even loaded on narcotics.

      • Suebob

        I wrote a lot of news stories, but the one that caused the biggest freakout was when I wrote about the fire department getting a new fire truck that had an EMT on board. A lady whose husband was an EMT for an ambulance company flipped out and organized people to write to the newspaper, saying I didn’t mention their valuable contribution. All of these angry letters were coming in and my editor was like “WTF is this about?” This comment reminds me of that. WHERE ARE THE NURSES AND AMBULANCE EMTs?? Huh??

        • Suzanne

          Yes, exactly Suebob.
          Where are the RNs? Why do my doctors see me themselves without nurses seeing me too? What is wrong with my doctors?

          There’s also a huge chip on the shoulder – resentment – that a disabled person living with chronic pain could pull their shit together enough to start their own successful company. How dare I do such a thing! I should have stayed on the couch watching soap operas like society expected of me.

          And, the drug thing …?

          I take Toradol.
          Toradol is a NON NARCOTIC pain med.
          And because it isn’t a narcotic it is safe to drive when I take it.

          On the rare occasion when I do have to take any type of narcotic drug, I most certainly do not drive.

  2. Mj

    First of all, let me just say that maybe a ‘newfie’ will be just the thing for that maternal urge. 🙂
    Secondly, I certainly don’t understand why ‘Snappy’ above even reads your blog let alone leaves comments. If it is uninteresting to him/her they should just move on.
    Suzanne, don’t let the grumps get you down!

    • Suzanne

      MJ – I bet you’re right.
      It will be wonderful to have a dog to love and take care of again.

      I know who “Snappy” is and I’m not offended.
      I think the comment is hilarious and makes for great blog content.
      Still laughing!

  3. Amy

    As a long term reader I have to say I don’t know what’s wrong with “snappy.” She must be a miserable human being.
    I have followed your ups and downs building your business. It has been inspiring to me and I’m sure to many others. The content here certainly does change. I envy your travels and love to hear about the places you go. We should all be so lucky to travel to new places and photograph them.
    The load of anger and resentment Snappy carries must be heavier than a camera and your lenses. I can’t wait for the next chapter as you train your service dog. good for you and don’t let a person hiding behind a fake name slow you down in the least.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Amy!
      I write about my life … because this is a “personal blog.”
      It isn’t always exciting, but it IS real.

      I can’t wait to begin training a service dog too.
      It will be a lot of work, but he will be a huge help to me once we get through the training.




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