Balls I’m Juggling

There’s always so much to do,

And never enough time!

I’ve been very unproductive during Fred’s first two weeks home.

Every day  he grows like crazy  we get a little more into a routine.

I purposely gave myself a few very light work weeks to coincide with Fred’s arrival.

Other things are going on in my life too, however.

My (North Carolina) son arrives soon for a week-plus visit.

We have lot of PLANS for his time here.

My son has also requested I make his favorite homemade lasagna while he’s home.

It takes a long time to make!

(But, it’s okay because requests like that always make my mom-heart smile.)

I’ve also been trying to listen to a LOT of music from various bands in preparation for a particular project I have coming up.

I love music, so having music playing is not anything new or different.

What is new and different, though, is having a long checklist of bands I want to get really familiar with.

Most of the bands I already “know” …

Meaning, I know at least a few of their songs.

But, I’m trying to get to know their music and personalities in more depth.

This is the type of preparation/research photographers due prior to an assignment that no one realizes we do??

In other news, I humiliated myself at a pet store this week.

I asked the 30-something hot, male, employee what bully sticks were made of.

Apparently, I’m the only person in the world who did not know this “dog treat” is bull pizzle.

Of course, I still didn’t “get it” and asked the hot guy what part of the bull is called a pizzle.

And then …?

And then, I turned fifty shades of red.

6 Responses to “Balls I’m Juggling”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Oh Suzanne! These things only happen to you! Dogs LOVE bully sticks.

    • Suzanne

      I had never heard of a bully stick before!
      And yes, I bought one for Fred and he loves it.
      I try very hard not to think about what he’s munching on with such delight.

  2. Mj

    I would have paid to see the look on your face when the “30-something hot, male, employee” explained bully sticks to you. hahaha!

    • Suzanne

      It was bad … so bad.
      He looked at me, he looked away, he looked off to the side and told me.
      And then I stared at the ground, turning a million shades of red and said, “oh.”
      And then I died.

  3. Julie in Michigan

    omg that’s funny but I wouldn’t have known what it was either!!!

    • Suzanne

      At least I’m not the “only” one?
      I’ve had dogs my entire life.
      I don’t know why I didn’t know about bully sticks!


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