Bulletproof Coffee – The Follow Up

I’ve been having *my* version of bulletproof coffee for nearly a week now.

There are several versions of this coffee “concept.”

If you missed my original post about this topic, you can read it by clicking here.

In “my” version, each morning I combine:

•  One mug of good quality coffee (probably one and a half measuring cups?)  I brew my coffee in a Jura, but many people use a french press.

•  Two tablespoons of Kerrygold (grass fed) butter.

•  One tablespoon fully dissolvable gelatin (because of my bum arm).

•  Two teaspoons of MCT oil  (I’m working my way up to one full tablespoon … but I’m not there yet).

•  One teaspoon of vanilla.

•  Optional:  sometimes I add a few drops of stevia, or a little cinnamon.

•  I blend the ingredients together in my Vitamix – making a “latte” type drink.

When I began this “test,” I was very surprised to find out my coffee concoction tastes good.

The idea of it sounded awful.

It was a pleasant surprise.

On my first day, I only used one teaspoon of MCT oil because I had been warned it can cause an upset stomach if you’re not used to it.

It has no flavor, so the taste was not an issue.

I did seem more alert and energetic on my first day but it might have been a coincidence.

I drank the coffee for breakfast instead of a meal.

When I was at PT at 11:30-ish that morning, my stomach began grumbling and I felt hungry.

I didn’t feel the drink had affected my appetite at all.

Paul Newman did comment I seemed a bit wound up (not in a bad way), and he didn’t know about my coffee experiment.

(I was cracking myself up a lot that day?!)

On the second day of my test, I increased the MCT oil to two teaspoons.

It didn’t bother my stomach at all.

I also noticed a definite decrease in appetite.

Did I have more energy?

I seemed to, but it might have just been Fred allowed me a little more sleep that night.

I felt unconcerned with food and had to remind myself to eat dinner that night.

On the third day of my test, I increased the MCT oil to a full tablespoon.

My stomach didn’t feel great.

I realized my body wasn’t ready for a full tablespoon of it yet.

I didn’t get sick, my stomach just felt upset.


Since then, I’ve reverted back to using two teaspoons of the MCT oil.

I feel perfectly fine using two teaspoons.

I plan to continue on with my coffee experiment for a little while longer.

I will probably try increasing the MCT oil back up to a tablespoon in a few days.

Have I lost weight?

I have no idea.

I never weigh myself and I wasn’t using this coffee drink as a diet.

I was just hoping for a little extra energy to get me through the early puppy days.

Would I recommend trying this drink?

I don’t think I’ve decided yet.

I like it enough to continue on awhile longer.

(I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater so I don’t miss a morning meal.)

I imagine different people are affected differently by “bulletproof” coffee.

For me, so far, it seems fine but not earth-shattering.


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