Coffee With Butter – Bulletproof?

Have you jumped on the coffee with butter bandwagon?

It seems like everyone I know is doing some version of this “diet/energy” plan.

I think it’s just another food fad like so many others.

And yet …?

I’m going to try it for a few days anyway.

(If there’s ever a time when I could use more energy, it’s the first few weeks with a new puppy.)

The idea was popularized in the media by the “bulletproof coffee” website.

However, I’ve been told there are places in the world who have been drinking coffee similar to this method “forever.”

There are a lot of celebrities drinking a version of this “new” coffee too.

Basically, you add butter to your coffee … and depending on the version you choose, a few other things too.

You then blend the hot drink in the morning instead of eating breakfast.

It purportedly gives you a lot of energy and cuts down on food cravings.

Butter in coffee sounds pretty disgusting to me, but I have a friend who has been drinking her version of “bulletproof” coffee for a few weeks now and says she loves it.  In fact, she tells me she looks forward to it every morning.


If you go to the bulletproof website, they will try to sell you their version of everything.

Most of the people I know are buying their own coffee and additives.

I’m starting today with my first attempt at energy coffee.

I’m going to make my own (good quality) coffee, add Kerrygold (grass fed) butter to it, add in some form of caprylic acid – possibly coconut oil, a teaspoon of Great Lakes gelatin, a small amount of vanilla extract, and depending on the taste – possibly a drop or two of stevia.

By the way, I am adding the (flavorless) gelatin because it’s good for joints … and my damaged body can use all the help it can get.

I’ll report back next week and let you know:

1)  If I am even able to tolerate the drink itself.

2)  If I notice any increase in energy.

3)  If I notice any decrease in appetite.

In the meantime, if you’ve tried this “fad,” I’d love to hear what you thought/think of it.

Did you notice any changes?

One Response to “Coffee With Butter – Bulletproof?”

  1. Cathy B in Toronto

    I really enjoyed the taste, but when I had my yearly physical after a month or so of this, my cholesteral, both HDL and LDL, measured higher than normal. That’s never happened before! I still have bullet-proof coffee occasionally, but no longer daily; cholesteral is back to normal too.


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