Fred’s Second Day Home

Fred and I were very tired on Thursday because Fred did not sleep well on his first night at his new home.

Fred 5 10wk © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

I’ve had dogs before, so I knew to expect a rough first night.

Puppies are used to being with other dogs.

When they suddenly find themselves in new surroundings it can be overstimulating.

And maybe a little lonely and scary too.

(Although, I have to say Fred seems to be very happy.)

In any case, Fred and I got no sleep on his first night home.

It made his second day a little difficult because I was so tired.

But, Fred and I managed to make the most of our day anyway.

For instance, after Fred swam in his bowl of water he tried to eat it.

He thought that was a lot of fun.

Fred 3 10wk © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

We were both happy to see Fred’s x-pen (exercise pen) arrive.

I can put Fred in his “playpen” for a few minutes when I need to do something and can’t keep an eye on him.

And yes, I do crate train my dogs but the pen is nice to give Fred more room when I’m busy doing dishes/laundry/whatever.

I think Fred has already gained a pound or two since he came home.

He seems so much bigger already.

Fred 4 10wk © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Fred has giant bear paws.

I’ve been around a lot of Newfies and I still can’t get over the size of Fred’s paws.

Today, after my visit with Paul Newman, I will be taking Fred for a “puppy well check-up” with my vet.

Over the weekend, we will be establishing more of a routine.

Fred has already learned to “sit” since he came home.

Fred is a smart guy … even though he does have a typical goofy-Newfie face.

Fred is protective of me already too.

Yesterday when the electricians showed up, Fred growled at them and instinctively moved in front of me.

I think their big, clanking, tool belts looked/sounded threatening to Fred.

Fred barked at them.

I told Fred everything was okay, and Fred settled down once I reassured him a few times.

I wasn’t expecting Fred to be a watch dog … just a service dog.

Apparently, Fred feels it’s also his job to make sure I’m safe.

One of the electricians told me, “That dog’s love for you is very clear.”

It made me smile.

Fred has already bonded to me.

It’s also nice to know Fred is looking out for me.

If I ran into trouble while out shooting, I’d have a hard time protecting myself (or my gear) one-armed.

I carry pepper spray, but it looks like Fred is going to provide a little extra protection too.

Of course, I don’t want an aggressive dog.

But, it’s nice to know Fred thinks it’s his job to step up if he thinks I’m threatened.

Good job Fred!

10 Responses to “Fred’s Second Day Home”

    • Suzanne

      Oh Fred!

      I think I’ve said that several times since he arrived!

  1. Julie in Michigan

    Great photos Suzanne! I just want to cuddle up with him, it’s very cold here in Michigan.

    • Suzanne

      I’m sure he would love to cuddle up with you too Julie!
      Fred likes to cuddle … and he particularly loves belly rubs!

  2. KirstyB

    Awww….I love Fred already and he’s not even mine!! <3 His paws are HUGE!! I can't wait to watch him grow up!!

    • Suzanne

      We love him too.
      It was a long wait – a very long Newfie journey.
      But, here he is … big paws, absolutely beautiful, and a sweet guy too.
      I feel so lucky to have Fred.

  3. Decoybetty

    I saw on Twitter that you got a puppy and as soon as I could I came on to your blog to see pictures – because I knew they’d amazing and of course PUPPIES.

    Fred is absolutely adorable. SQUEEEEE.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      He is adorable.
      All puppies are cute, but Fred?
      Fred is really something special!


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