Happy 2015

Yesterday morning I woke up at sunrise to a very beautiful sight.

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I’ve seen snow on “my” mountains before, but I’ve never seen this much … or such a low snow level.

I grabbed my camera and began shooting.

And then some snow fell off the roof of my house and hit me.

Say, what …?

Snow on the roof of my house?

OK, so it was only a teeny, tiny, amount – but, still!

I really hate being cold.

I think, if I lived in a cold weather climate, I’d probably never go outside.

Fortunately for me, the weather should be much warmer by this weekend.

Most of the snow has already melted.

It’s a good thing it’s warming up.

I need to get busy puppy-proofing our house and yard.

It will be a much more pleasant chore if there’s warm weather and sunshine.

And yes, if everything stays on schedule, it won’t be long until I will be bringing home my new assistant.

3 Responses to “Happy 2015”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Happy New Year Suzanne. I am so excited for your puppy and all the joy and assistance it will bring. I hope you find the perfect beach house/studio near the beach.

  2. Cathy B

    Wow, that is gorgeous, but definitely not what I picture when you say Orange County! The temperature would be an improvement on what we’re having in Toronto right now, but snow in S. California! Holy cow!
    Very excited for you getting ready for the new addition!

  3. Judi

    It’s such a strange but beautiful sight to see Saddleback with all that snow! I loved looking at it the last few days. I’m excited about your potential puppy! I got a new kitty for Christmas and it’s so wonderful having that energy in the house again.


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