January 26, 2015

It was a really good, but busy, weekend.

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I had a lot of family and friends visiting.

I love having my oldest son home for awhile.

I made my “world famous” lasagna on Saturday.

The bad thing about “my” lasagna?

It takes all day to make.

The good thing about it?

Everyone who has ever tried it swears it’s the best lasagna they’ve ever had.

The other good thing about it?

It feeds a big crowd.

Fred enjoyed having so many visitors to play with over the weekend.

Fred is doing very well … I can’t believe how big he’s getting.

I was too busy with a house full of people this weekend to take many Fred photos.

But …?

Fred is twelve and a half weeks old now.

He still has his puppy fluff which makes him look even bigger than he is.

His “looks” change daily … one day he seems wider and the next he seems tall and lanky.

He keeps impressing me with how quickly he learns things –

Although, sometimes what he’s learning is how to get tummy rubs from people he meets.

Everyone at my vet’s office has fallen in love with Fred.

(He’s absolutely fine … he’s just been at the vet’s office for routine puppy stuff.)

The heel of my shoe got caught in/on Fred’s gate last week and I fell … onto my brick floor.

The thing about indoor brick floors ….?

They’re great for taking the wear and tear of kids and dogs.

They are absolutely the worst thing to fall on though.

Almost the entire side of my right body is bruised badly … my ankle is swollen, and –

Of course, my bum arm is flipping out.

Paul Newman was not at all happy with me when he saw me on Friday.

(I hate it when he isn’t happy with me.)

I’ll be fine, but I have to admit I’m hurting right now.

But, that’s the other great thing about Fred …

When my arm feels this painful, it’s very calming to snuggle Fred.

And …?

Fred thrives on snuggles.

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  1. Julie in Michigan

    Sometime when you’re not so busy Suzanne can you share your lasagna recipe??


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