Oh, Fred!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Fred.

Fred at ten and a half weeks.

Many people are not very familiar with Newfoundlands or have misconceptions about them.

I can understand that confusion.

Newfies are less common than many other breeds –

Especially here in Southern California.

So far, everyone who has met Fred has commented he is smaller in real life than he looks in photos.

I think that’s because Fred’s feet are so big, it makes him look enormous in photos.

In reality, he’s still a brand new baby and (for right now) about a third the size of a retriever.

Fred weighs 25 pounds now at ten and a half weeks.

Fred will grow to be larger than a retriever, however.

(I’m using a retriever as my example because most people “know” a lab or golden.)

Newfoundlands are a “giant” breed.

Fred could reach 150 pounds at adulthood … give or take.

Newfoundlands are very CALM and very GENTLE dogs.

They’re considered the very best breed for children.

Lots of famous people have had Newfies … George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Lewis and Clark, Samuel Adams, Lord Byron, President Ulysses Grant, President Rutherford Hayes, President James Buchanan, Emily Dickinson, Humphrey Bogart, Bing Crosby, and Bobby Kennedy.  (Supposedly Bobby Kennedy’s Newfie was allowed to attend high level meetings and took a disliking to Edgar J. Hoover.)

Napoleon would have drowned when he fell off a boat if not for the rescue efforts of a Newfie.  There have been many recorded (amazing) water rescues by Newfoundlands throughout history.

Nana, the dog in the movie Peter Pan, was a Newfoundland.  The author created Nana based on inspiration from his own Newfie.

Newfoundland dogs are high maintenance dogs, though, and definitely not for everyone.

The lifespan of a Newfie is typically 10 years.

(Of course, you hear exceptions on both sides of the spectrum.)

Yes, Newfoundland dogs drool.

Fred doesn’t yet, because he’s a puppy.

But he will.

They don’t drool, however, as much as some breeds do.

They also don’t eat as much as people assume.

I’ve already gotten so many comments about how much Fred will eat.

In reality, an adult Newfoundland doesn’t eat much more than a lab or retriever does.

(They do eat more as puppies because they grow at such a rapid rate.)

Newfies are “water driven” and are considered the strongest swimmers in the dog world.

They “need” to swim and if that means swimming in their water bowl, so be it.

(They also LOVE to retrieve/rescue everything/everyone out of the water.)

Newfies need daily brushing and are “high maintenance” dogs.

They can have expensive health problems.

Fred is on a very healthy, special, diet to try and prevent some of those problems.

I’ve been asked if Fred is okay living in a warm climate.

Fred was born in San Diego.

Fred has a “cooling bed” in our house, a swimming pool, and the Pacific Ocean to cool off in.

Fred will be just fine living in Orange County.

Newfies definitely aren’t the right breed for most people.

Fred, however, is perfect for me.

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  1. Jenny in MN, now in AZ

    He is gorgeous! Again, congrats on your new family member/helper/assistant.


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