Puppy In The Planter

It can be hard work to be a puppy.

All that eating and peeing and pooping …

Not to mention growing, and growing, and growing!

Sometimes a puppy just needs to catch a  cat  puppy nap wherever he can.

Puppy dreams must be the best dreams!

6 Responses to “Puppy In The Planter”

  1. Julie in Michigan

    crazy cute photo…look at the size of his mitts!!!

  2. kristin

    My Vet posted a picture on their Facebook today of an 11 week Newfie. His paws were just as big as Freds. His name is Clyde.

    • Suzanne

      I know about Clyde.
      He belongs to one of the employees at your vet’s office!
      He’s a cutie!


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