This And That

I didn’t have time to write a “real” post for today, so ….

•  My oldest son is still here.  It’s so nice to have him home.  I seem to be cooking a lot while he’s here.  He has several favorite mom-meal requests.  We’re also trying to get a lot of activities in before he heads back to North Carolina.

•  Fred is such a good puppy.  He gets easier every day as he learns more and more.  He’s sleeping so much better at night.  He’s also doing amazingly well on a leash.  I’m really proud of the progress he’s making.

•  Yesterday, Fred became curious about the orange tree.  Orange trees smell wonderful!

•  Fred has a very good nose.  I’ve had retrievers before, but their dog noses didn’t compare to Fred’s.  I think he could be a tracking dog … he has the most amazing sense of smell!

•  I haven’t had much time for TV watching, but I’ve (finally) finished Season III of Sons of Anarchy.  I’m hoping we get a rainy day sometime soon so I have an excuse to be lazy and watch TV for hours.  I also keep having dreams about hot biker guys.  Coincidence?

•  Remember, I told you about purchasing a pair of new boots?  Well, I’ve been meaning to follow-up and let you know they’re VERY comfortable even when worn for long periods.  I realize everyone prefers different things, but I would definitely recommend  Frye’s Melissa Button Riding Boot.

•  I can’t believe the Super Bowl is this weekend!  Where did January go?  I think I lost the entire month in my new-puppy-fog.

•  Fred has been busy practicing for  The Puppy Bowl  Super Bowl weekend.  He prefers his footballs deflated … just like Tom Brady?

I’ll try to get a few more photos of Fred today.

I’ve been busy with my son home, but I know a lot of you are really enjoying the Fred photos!

4 Responses to “This And That”

    • Suzanne

      He will definitely be photographed a lot Missy.
      By me, obviously, and by some of my photographer friends.

      My muse!

  1. Julie in Michigan

    Loving Fred photos and as per usual, your humor!


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