Today Fred The Newfie Pup Comes Home!

Fred, the Newfie puppy, is scheduled to come home this morning.

Throughout this process, I haven’t let myself really believe I was getting a service puppy.

I think I had post traumatic puppy purchasing stress syndrome from my previous experience.

Even as the date approached, a part of me was convinced the breeder would cancel everything at the last minute.

I know that sounds crazy,

But it happened before which means it could happen again, right?

Even as late as Monday night, I waited for Nice Breeder to do a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde on me and snatch the puppy out of my arms.

Instead …?

She opened her arms, hugged me, and said, “Welcome to the family!”

I almost cried.

I feel SO fortunate to have met such a nice person.

Originally, I had figured Fred would come home next weekend at the soonest.

(I made this assumption based on my work schedule and the breeder’s work schedule.)

But, my son only has a few more days to be in California so we made some adjustments.

As a result, I found myself running all over yesterday doing puppy-related errands.

Today will be spent quietly as we acclimate Fred to his new home.

I do have one appointment midday, but my son will be home with Fred while I’m gone.

I don’t think Fred could be in better, more loving, hands.

I’ll try to snap a photo or two if I get the chance.

(Fred will probably become one of the most frequently photographed dogs in the world?)

6 Responses to “Today Fred The Newfie Pup Comes Home!”

  1. KirstyB

    I can’t wait for all the photos that will be popping up here!! 🙂 Lucky for Fred (and us), he’s going to be living with the best puparazzi ever!! <3

    • Suzanne

      It will be fun as he gets used to my ever present camera!


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