Training Fred The Newf

Fred is eleven and a half weeks old.

Fred had no training before coming home a week and a half ago.

Fred has a LOT to learn.

Fred has also, already, learned a lot.

For instance, Fred is certainly not camera shy.

He might even ham it up for the camera?

Fred The Newf – eleven weeks old.

Today, I thought I’d share a little bit about what Fred and I are working on right now.

Of course, house training is an ongoing thing.

Fred knows where to “go” and usually let’s me know when he needs to go outside.

But …?

He’s still a baby and it’s also up to me to make sure he gets outside frequently.

(He only needs to go out ONCE in the middle of the night now …. a huge improvement over a week and a half ago!)

Fred has learned his crate is “his” room in our house.

He also understands his “cooling bed” which does not fit in his crate.

When he feels too warm, Fred goes to his cooling bed and plops his belly down on the cool surface.

Fred learned to sit within 24 hours of arriving home.

I also immediately taught him not to jump up on people.

Keeping all four feet on the ground is a MUST for a giant breed dog.

Fred is also working on learning to stay.

I don’t expect Fred to be able to “stay” for very long yet.

It sounds easy but Fred is still very young.

But, we practice several times each day.

Yesterday, I also began teaching Fred “down” for laying down.

I should have started that command earlier, but we’ve been busy just establishing our daily routine.

And, I can honestly say Fred has learned his basic daily routine now.

He reminds me when it’s meal time about 15 minutes prior to each meal.

It’s amazing he can do so, at only 11 weeks old, and with no iPhone alarm to remind him.

(Fred’s meal times are on my iPhone alarm to remind ME!)

Fred has learned to wear a collar.

Fred is learning to walk on a leash … and doing a pretty good job of it.

I try to practice walking him on a leash twice a day – in my backyard and around the house and in my (very small) front yard.

(Fred is still restricted to my house and yard due to the resurgence of parvo in California.)

Fred is learning I expect him to be in a heel position when he’s on a leash.

He’s also learned not to pull on the leash.

Fred, occasionally, still wants to play tug of war with his leash.

(Did I mention he’s a puppy?)

Fred has gotten used to daily brushings and only sometimes tries to eat the brush.

I’m also getting him used to his grooming table and the noisy blow dryer ….

Although, he doesn’t really need either quite yet.

Fred has learned to retrieve items and to “drop” them for me when I ask him to.

Fred has learned to walk up and down a “pet ramp.”

I began by having the ramp flat on the ground and then gradually raised it.

It’s important Fred be able to walk on a ramp, without a fear of heights or a fear of the ramp itself.

I can’t lift Fred one-armed.

And, even if I had two good arms, I wouldn’t be able to lift Fred for very long.

Fred is growing quickly.

Fred uses the ramp to get in and out of the car.

(Fred has a separate travel crate that stays in the back of my car all of the time now.)

Practicing on the ramp also prepares Fred for walking on/over bridges and other “high” places.

Fred thinks the ramp is great fun.

In fact, Fred thinks we are playing when we practice all the things he’s learning.

I try to make his training a fun game.

Fred gets a lot of praise and yummy treats.

Really, the most difficult part of having a puppy is waiting for him to get through his parvo vaccine schedule.

Life will be so much easier when I can take Fred places with me.

At that time, he will also be able to socialize much more, take a puppy class or two, etc.

It can be challenging to keep Fred busy all of the time just here at home.

Fred will get his second parvo vaccine at the end of this week.

There are six more weeks until Fred can go everywhere with me.

I can’t wait to be able to train him in a variety of places/situations.

He’s such a smart guy –

It’s going to be fun.

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  1. Missy Stalcup

    Thanks for sharing. Love hearing about his training.

  2. Michelle

    Wow, you’ve both been very busy playing, I mean learning. 🙂

  3. Sandra

    He’s doing so well! Our new puppy is showing to be smarter than our current 8 yo dog ever was.


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