February 2, 2015

I had such a lazy weekend …

It was nice.

My son left California and I might have cried my eyes out saying good-bye to him,

But, the rest of the weekend was pretty much a pleasant, lazy, blur.

I binge-watched Sons of Anarchy for several hours.

In fact, I think Fred began questioning my judgment in men …

“Do you think she likes biker guys better than she likes me?” asked Fred.

Don’t worry, I played with Fred – a lot!

He’s growing SO fast.

He’s such a sweet, lovable, puppy.

I ate unhealthy food, drank good quality wine,

And, of course, I watched the Super Bowl.

Today, it’s back to reality.

I’ve had family and/or friends visiting almost continually since late November.

It might have been the longest, most drawn out, holiday season ever.

I can’t say I’m eager to dig into work …

But, it’s waiting.


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