Fred Friday

I’ve gotten a few questions regarding Fred’s latest news.

On Wednesday, at Fred’s sixteen week check-up, he got his last (third) parvo shot.

Does that mean Fred has full freedom to go anywhere and everywhere?

Well, yes and no.

Wednesday was his last parvo shot.

But, the last vaccine may not be fully effective for two weeks – depending on which vet you believe.

However, most dogs (I think it’s eighty percent?) are free and clear after the second vaccine which was given to Fred four weeks ago.

If I was in a high risk parvo area I would keep Fred on my own property for another two weeks …

Just to make absolutely sure.

But, Fred is destined to be a service dog.

Socialization and early training are more important/urgent than with a pet.

My vet and I discussed all of this at length.

I’m taking Fred out, but only to areas which my vet considers “very low risk” areas.

For example, yesterday Fred got to play King of the Mountain.

The area he was in is a small, private, area – in a city that hasn’t had a single parvo case in “years and years and years.”

Fred won’t be going to dog parks, pet stores, or other high traffic areas for awhile longer.

In other words, Fred has gained some “cautious” freedom.

Some of you were also curious about Fred’s weight.

Fred weighed fifty six pounds on Wednesday.

That’s a LOT even for a male Newfie.

However, the vet and I both can easily feel Fred’s ribs … he passes the “not fat” tests.

He’s very healthy.

He’s just big.

Fred’s paws were bigger than the hands of the vet “technician” we talked to last week.

It’s entirely possible Fred has gone through an early growth spurt and will slow down.


There’s also a *slight* possibility I’m going to have the largest Newfoundland Dog in the world.


(I think!)

I’ll try to post another Fred photo this weekend if I get a chance.

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