Fred The Newf – 13 Weeks Old

Fred has been occupying almost all of my time.

Two days ago, Fred seemed to forget everything he has been learning … and then some.

Yesterday, Fred was as perfect as a puppy can possibly be.

Fred also seemed to quadruple in size in just one day.

Is that possible?

Here’s a quick iPhone peek at Fred intervening when I attempted to use a water hose:

Like almost all Newfies, Fred loves water … wherever he can find it.

At thirteen (and a half?) weeks of age, Fred has no idea of his (already big) size.

He often cuddles on my lap, unaware that only about a fourth of his body is actually ON my lap.

He gives lots of wet, sloppy, kisses but he doesn’t drool – yet.

He does, however, make a huge mess every time he gets a drink of water from his water pail.

(I keep his water pail outside.)

Fred whines/cries like the baby he is when he gets tired.

He also stares at the door leading into the garage for a good fifteen minutes prior to each meal.

(His food is stored in the garage.  I think he’s trying to will the food out of the garage and into his mouth?)

Also, because I wanted to share with you the awesome-ness of Fred’s gigantic paws I took one more short slo-motion video.

One of my neighbors brought Fred a new toy – he was thrilled.

I’m sorry neither of the videos are very good quality.

Maybe I’ll work on my video skills?

I might as well …

After all, Fred and I can’t go out and about much until he gets his last parvo shot at sixteen weeks.


8 Responses to “Fred The Newf – 13 Weeks Old”

  1. Denise

    Thank you for indulging us with some video of Fred. He has such a gentle nature and it really comes across. Also his puppy clumsiness. I love my iPhone for videos. Keep them coming.

    • Suzanne

      I love the puppy clumsiness.
      He has massive feet he doesn’t know what to do with …
      And every time he wakes up his body is a bigger size.
      It’s so fun to watch him try to accustom himself to his own (growing) body.

  2. Missy Stalcup

    Fred has an ever growing fan base I am sure. Have you or will you be giving Fred his own Instagram or Facebook page? I know of some Frenchies with their own pages.

    • Suzanne

      I vowed I would NOT do that …
      But, it is a challenge to keep everyone happy.
      I have a big audience on FB looking for my art.
      I don’t want to overdo the puppy thing there.

      On the other hand, Instagram seems to have gone Fred crazy.

      For now, I’m just trying to balance what I put out.
      I might change my approach in the future.
      I wasn’t expecting, or prepared for, such Fred love!

  3. Mj

    Good quality video or not I love the videos of him and hope you post more. And photos too. Fred is a totally awesome dog!

  4. Julie in Michigan

    Aww, I love both videos and oh may are his mitts HUGE! I also want your sunshine and green grass, we are covered in 16 inches of snow!

    • Suzanne

      He has, seriously, gigantic paws.
      I would take a day or two of snow.
      I’ve been contemplating air conditioning and I hate to spend the money on it.


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