Fred’s Weekend

My world revolves around Fred for two more weeks.

(That’s when he’ll be done with his parvo vaccines and we will both have much more freedom!)

Fred The Newf (now 14+ weeks old) had a very good weekend.

It’s funny because his looks change daily.

One day he has a long nose, and the next day a wide snout.

One day he’s built like a fireplug and the next he’s long and lanky.

It’s normal puppy growth for a giant breed dog.

It was hot here over the weekend.

Fred was gifted with a small wading pool and it seemed like a good time to try it out.

He was very curious about the hose filling it up.

He loves to play with the hose …

And he was wondering why it was in this plastic bubble thing I call a pool.

And yes, Fred has already been in our real pool also – several times.

This little wading pool will probably pop in a day or two.

It was a nice diversion ….

Something interesting and new to break up the monotony of our parvo, home-bound, waiting period.

(Better known as the longest four weeks of my life??)

Fred’s backpack has also gotten too small for him.

“Really mom? ¬†You expect this little thing to still fit me?”

Fred’s little backpack has always been empty.

It’s purpose has simply been to get him accustom to wearing something on his back.

(Preparing him to be my helper once he grows up.)

My arm has been exceptionally trouble-filled this last week.

Paul Newman had to make several attempts to reattach it to my body last Friday.

I can’t wait for Fred to be big enough to become my helper.

In the meantime, Fred has important things to learn.

Like what is that little creature called an ANT?

There’s just so much to learn when you’re only a fourteen week old puppy!

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  1. Linda Tustin

    Thanks for reminding me Suzanne. You know, I have been following your blog for about 7 years now. The past couple years though I guess I just saw you mostly on Facebook. I’ve missed following your life- I think it just feels a little unfairly one sided sometimes- even though I appreciate your sharing. I don’t know if that comment makes sense to you- it hardly makes sense to me. But I am going to leave it. Usually when I type something like that I erase it and leave a much more cryptic comment. ((hugs )) about your arm. Is it all flared up from your fall?


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