Kentucky Derby Hats

I’ve been invited to attend the Kentucky Derby this year.

The Derby is the first weekend in May.

The friends who invited me have planned a “first class all the way” experience.

I think they’re excited to show off their home state, and the Derby itself, in the best possible light.

“You’re coming all the way from California after all!” they say as they update me on the (elaborate!) plans they’ve made.

For me, a bohemian California beach girl, the experience will be very special.

It’s an entirely different world than I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve already learned SO much.

I knew the Derby was all about the women’s hats,

But …?


(Just google or pinterest Kentucky Derby Hats to see what I mean!)

Last weekend, my daughter and I drove down to San Diego County to meet with a “famous” hat designer.

Yes, I know I rarely wear anything but old, beat-up, yoga pants and tank tops.

I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone here.

I’ve never met with an apparel designer of any kind before.

By the end of a long day …

My daughter and I both had selected our Derby hats.

The hats are being made and should be shipped to us in a couple weeks.

They will have to be shipped back to Kentucky prior to the Derby –

And then, shipped back to us in California after the Derby.

(There’s no easy way to travel across the country with giant hat boxes.)

I will not show any photos of my hat until I “reveal” it at the Derby.

But, I will tell you it’s big, and it’s purple … or “orchid” as the designer calls it.

My daughter’s hat (which is her birthday present this year) is a beautiful, classy mix of creams and whites.

Her hat is absolutely gorgeous.

I’m in love with my daughter’s Derby hat.

(Yes, I wanted my daughter’s hat for myself but it looks so much better on her … with her face shape and coloring.)

I’m relieved to have the “huge” decision about a Derby hat behind me.

Now, I need to find a dress/pair of shoes/handbag to go with the hat.

I don’t ever wear dresses so I’m expecting the search to be difficult.

I don’t even know how, or where, to start.

I know “fancy” sundresses … “church” dresses or “Easter” dresses are the norm for the Derby.

(Also very high heels … ouch!)

What colored dress would look good with a purple hat?

And how does a mom-age person pull this all off stylishly?

Most sundresses are designed for twenty year olds.


8 Responses to “Kentucky Derby Hats”

  1. Mj

    I’m looking forward to seeing your hat and you all decked out. As far as helping decide on a dress….
    I can be of no help because I haven’t worn one in years and I don’t ever plan to wear one again. Aside from nice slacks and tops for work I dress exactly how you do normally. I’m a mom-age person too so my rules for what I wear is that it needs to stretch and be comfortable. I couldn’t care less about the latest fashion anymore. LOL!

  2. Judi

    I can’t wait to see the hats! As for a dress, this sounds like a job for a personal shopper. I think you can make an appointment for one for free at Nordstrom or Macy’s. Once they know what you’re looking for and your time frame, they help you with color/style/etc., then search their inventory and give you options.

    • Suzanne

      I suppose that’s a good idea.
      I don’t know what to do with a personal shopper … but I imagine they might know what to do with me?

      • Judi

        Exactly, and then you spend much less time shopping/searching. Let her do all the leg work!

  3. Linda Tustin

    Love Judi’s idea. A personal shopper will be sure to pull you even further outside of your comfort zone, which of course FUN!

    • Suzanne

      Yes, definitely outside of my comfort zone.
      I’m kind of looking at it like a costume ball!
      : )


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