My Absurd Life?

I feel like a bomb has gone off in my, somewhat, organized life.

My life has turned to chaos.

Fred The Newf is, without question, the bomb.

This undeniable realization came to me  yesterday, as I baked cookies without pants on.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

I was baking cookies, fully dressed, originally.

(Like most people who bake, I assume?)

And then, there was a puppy under my feet and an attempt to quickly rebalance without falling.

The next thing I knew I was covered, from the waist down, in confectioners sugar.

My floor was covered also … much to Fred’s delight.

I promptly put sugar-sprinkled Fred outside, stripped off my pants, cleaned the sugar off the floor, and finished baking.

In fact, I forgot about my pantless state until I heard Fred barking at a man outdoors.

(I’m so happy Fred has watch dog tendencies!)

My house is almost all windows/glass.

I hightailed it to my laundry room …. the closest place I could “hide.”

In the laundry room I found some pants to replace the ones I had stripped off.

All’s well that ends well?

And yet,

I look around at my house …

There’s a gigantic (!!!) dog crate in my family room.

It’s bigger than many New York City apartments.

There are dog toys strewn on the floor of my house and outdoors on my patio.

Little bags of dog treats can be found at random intervals around the house.

A package of frozen, raw, beef, marrow bones is in my freezer.

The garden hose is unwound and laying across the patio …

So much quicker to wash sugar sprinkles off of giant puppy feet!

And, there’s adorable, fluffy, Fred.

He’s either chasing a hummingbird or a moth depending on the time of day – and catching neither, of course.

He’s snuggling as close to me as he can for hugs,

Or bringing me a toy to throw for him.

Yes, my life is definitely crazy right now.

Perhaps it’s best described as delightful chaos?

6 Responses to “My Absurd Life?”

  1. Linda Tustin

    Cherish this time. Some day when he is giant adult dog- all sedate in his ways, you will love looking at puppy pictures. I know I wish I had more from when my Hagryd (golden) was a pup just 3 years ago.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, it’s sad they’re puppies for such a short period of time.
      I’m trying to take lots and lots of photos …
      I didn’t do that enough with my previous dogs.

  2. Julie in Michigan

    Chaos yes but fun and cute chaos. I may start baking pantsless!!

    • Suzanne

      Be very careful if you bake pantless!
      And yes, he’s adorable!

    • Suzanne

      Yep, he’s a smart one.
      It’s fun watching him every day …
      You can almost see the wheels spinning as he learns things.


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