Sixteen Week Old Newfie Puppy

Fred had a great sixteen week check-up with his vet yesterday.

He came home and took a puppy nap.

When he woke up,

The neighbor kids played with him until  he was  they were all tuckered out.

He was sad when they left.

Blurry iPhone photo of 16 week old, sad,  Fred The Newf

Fred loves people.

Fred has a pretty great dog life …

And, it will only get better as he gradually merges out into the world more and more.

I haven’t taken any “real” photos of Fred (with my camera vs. phone) in days.

I’m going to try to remedy that today.

I don’t know how I’ve been so busy when I’ve been getting nothing done?

I guess that’s just life with a puppy!

6 Responses to “Sixteen Week Old Newfie Puppy”

  1. Julieanne

    Is he allowed out now that he’s had his last shot? hope all good 🙂 love julieanne from australia

    • Suzanne

      Yes, but he needs to stay in “low risk” parvo areas for the next two weeks.

  2. Missy Stalcup

    Umm nothing done? You’ve been raising Fred! That’s like being a stay at home mom!

    • Suzanne

      It is.
      Puppies are a lot of work!
      Adorable, but busy! : )

  3. Julie in Michigan

    he’s so darn cute!! wish I was his/your neighbor.


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