The Perfect Derby Dress

My daughter has been acting as my “personal shopper” and sending me links to potential Kentucky Derby dresses.

If you’ve been reading along, you know I’ll be wearing a purple (“orchid”) hat on Derby day.

I don’t have a dress yet.

I don’t wear dresses.

Why don’t I wear dresses?

Well, for one thing –

I have a terrible time finding a dress that fits.

I have an (ahem) large chest.

[Big boobs on a HUGE rib cage.  I hate my big ribs!]

If a dress fits my chest, it becomes like a tent on the rest of my body.

If it fits my waist and hips, it won’t contain my boobs.

According to “body type” quizzes, my body type is an “hour glass.”

Theoretically, that sounds sexy and good – right?

But, in reality, nothing fits quite right.

I’m pretty sure all curvy, hour glass, women wear custom-made clothes.

Or, at the very least, spend a fortune having things tailored to fit.

My daughter keeps sending me links anyway.

We’re both hoping I find:

1) A dress I like,

2) A dress that fits ALL the parts of my body, and

3) A dress I can wear with a purple hat.

Yesterday, we saw a photo of what *could possibly* be the perfect Derby dress.

Wouldn’t this look great with a big (!!) purple hat?


I think it’s perfect.

Black and white would look great with a purple hat.

The dress is made for an hour glass figure.

And …?

The lines would be very flattering.

The dress is made by Altuzarra and can be found (here) at Neiman Marcus ….

For only $1,790!

Such a deal!

Since I can’t afford this *perfect* dress,

I keep telling myself it probably wouldn’t fit anyway.

After all, I haven’t been able to find a single dress that DOES, yet.

I hate when I have to dress like a girl ….

4 Responses to “The Perfect Derby Dress”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    Suzanne I feel your pain. You are on the right track for the style so keep looking. Have you thought about using the personal shopper at Nordstrom? The South Coast store has a substantial dress department. That’s where I have been able to find the last two dresses I needed. I usually never wear them either. My sister used the personal shopper in a Dallas store to find a short wedding dress. It was the most productive solution.

  2. Mj

    I understand your angst totally about wearing a dress. And these days you have to make sure your legs are tan because nylons are a thing of the past. I’m glad so glad I don’t have to do things that require I wear a dress.


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