The Weekend

It was a busy weekend.

On Friday, my car broke down.

Actually, a rock flew up under (and inside) my car innards (???) and parts of the car had to be disassembled to get to the rock and remove it.

As a result, I was car-less Friday afternoon through the end of Saturday.

(I ended up having a few other  expensive  car things taken care of at the same time.)

Without transportation, Fred and I had to keep busy at home.

Fred practicing his retrieving in my swimming pool.

Fred didn’t mind being home at all.

After all, at sixteen weeks of age, Fred doesn’t know much of the world except my backyard.

I was pretty restless though.

Cabin fever!

On Sunday, a small storm arrived.

Fred and I knew we wanted to go exploring.

Fred saw his first-ever pelicans.

He was very curious about them.

Rain, and wind, and crashing waves, and constantly changing light –

What could be more fun?

In a matter of minutes, we were both soaking wet from a short rain shower.

We forged on … getting ourselves covered with sand.

We looked for whales, but we didn’t see any.

It was a good outing for Fred.

He can’t carry equipment for me until he’s full grown, but he got to see what I do when I’m out shooting.

He waited patiently as I took photos, and walked by my side each time I changed locations.

It’s almost as if he understood he was with me to learn.

He was such a good, well behaved, Newfoundland puppy.

Fred had a lot of fun too.

Before we left, I asked Fred if I could take his photo.

He’s becoming my photography muse.

Fred The Newf:  Click on photo to purchase, or to view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

Fred was happy to oblige.

6 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Denise

    I admit, I am a little obsessed with your dog. He is so animated and yet so quiet. If I ever drive down there, I have to see him 🙂 Oh yes, and you too….of course.

    • Suzanne

      He would love to meet you.
      Fred LOVES people.
      I might be up your way too …
      You know, I can never get enough of the Central Coast!

    • Suzanne

      Fred has an ever-growing fan base.
      I think it’s great!
      : )

  2. Missy Stalcup

    Love the beach portrait but the pool pic is darling!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you.
      Fred loves the pool.
      I’m sure he’ll love the ocean too, but I’m not going to let him go in the ocean for a little bit longer.


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