Fred The Newf is 21 Weeks Old!

I can’t believe Fred has reached 21 weeks of age!

Yesterday, we went for a walk to enjoy the ocean breeze.

Fred has become accustom to my ever-present camera, sitting for me while I’m busy shooting, etc.

Fred The Newf – 21 Weeks Old!

I know you can’t tell by the above photo, but Fred began the day looking nice and neat.

Of course, he was a mess by the time I took his photo.

Yesterday, on his 21st week birthday, he also lifted his leg and peed like a boy for the first time.

I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen until he was at least six months old??

(But then, what do I know about male Newfoundland Dogs?)

I guess I’m learning more each day!

Fred has also begun exhibiting a little more  stubbornness  independence lately.

We will be working on that with his trainer.

I think he’s testing me a little bit right now.

Maybe he’s beginning to get a surge of male hormones?

I’ll talk to  our  his trainer this weekend and see what he thinks of Fred’s new behavior(s).

For the most part, Fred continues to be his lovable self.

He is very bonded to me.

He loves everyone, but he would prefer I never leave his side.

I’ve got a few trips coming up and, I admit, I’m a little worried about leaving Fred.

I know he’ll be fine, but there’s so much GUILT when you have to leave a devoted dog for a few days.

But, I don’t want to put him through air travel if I don’t have to.

And, he’s not fully trained yet either … so he can’t go with me everywhere.

I think I’m having separation anxiety before the separation even happens.

Oh, Fred!


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