March Heat Wave

It was hot, hot, hot here over the weekend!

I had lots of family at the house for the weekend ….

And now, sadly, everyone has left.

On Saturday evening, Fred made his first trip to the beach.

Fred has been hiking on the trails above, and around, the beach before.

But, this time it was ALL ABOUT THE ACTUAL BEACH.

I was having one of my traditional beach nights with my friend, Nike.

Nike explains “waves” and “ocean” to baby Fred.

Fred, clumsily, attempted to walk and run on sand.

He liked the ocean water, but then a wave hit him and scared him a little.

He watched other dogs dig in the sand, and then he tried it for a minute or two himself.

Nike brought her dog, Reggie.

Fred had a joyful time playing with a dog-pal.

Reggie is a very fast runner and Fred is … not.

Sometimes, when Reggie would get tired and stop to rest Fred would sit on him.

It was Fred’s way of trying to make Reggie stay with him and play.

The problem is Fred, at four months of age, is bigger than adult Reggie.

Reggie was patient with puppy Fred.

When he got tired of it, he’d give Fred a little growl to say, “You’re way too giant of a puppy to sit on me buddy – get off!”

It was pretty funny.

Poor Fred … he’ll never be as fast as Reggie.

He’ll also soon realize he can’t go around sitting on his friends in an attempt to keep them close.

(Thank you Reggie for helping to teach this to Fred!)

Sunset was beautiful.

Fred The Newf enjoying a California beach sunset.

The two dogs played until around 9:30 p.m.

When it came time to leave, Fred was so tired I wasn’t sure he’d make it back to the car.

He was asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot …

With a huge puppy smile on his face.

2 Responses to “March Heat Wave”

  1. Mj

    Wish I could have seen him playing for the first time on the beach! Is that him with your friend? If so, you’re right…he is huge!

    • Suzanne

      Yes, that’s him.
      And …?
      He’s even bigger today.
      He is SO tall!


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