March Madness

While the rest of the world concerns itself with basketball,

I’m busy with my own version of March Madness.

I decided to organize my “life,” but now my house is a mess.

I’ve got piles everywhere that I’m “working on.”

I have notebooks, and dividers, and page protectors and they’re all waiting for me.

I never seem to complete a task without some type of interruption ….

Like, for instance, a perfect Orange County sunset needing my attention.

Perfect sunsets can’t wait, can they?

And, of course, I have a constant Interruption-Maker in my life now …

Fred The Newf – 20 Weeks Old

Fred is SUCH a good puppy, but he IS a puppy.

Last night he decided he needed to sit on my lap.

Yes, all 75 pounds of him.

There was no turning him away.

He is, after all, just a very young baby.

He doesn’t understand his size … he just knows he’s still a baby and needs some cuddle time.

And, maybe that’s one of the best things about Fred.

When I have a lot to do, and start feeling stressed,

I have no choice but to stop and take care of Fred.

If that means sitting on the floor cuddling my seventy five pound puppy, so be it.

I think it’s probably the best thing for both of us.


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