Rain In Orange County

We don’t get much rain here in Orange County.

When we do, it tends to be an occasional, brief, shower.

We ooh and aah over it and, in general, freak out because RAIN!

We are, without a doubt, Weather Wimps.

The last couple years have been even dryer than usual.

Last weekend we got *some* rain.

And yesterday ….?

We got REAL rain.

The “real” rain included emergency flash flood warnings, etc.

People got on social media to flip-out about “snow” which was, in reality, just a little hail.

And yes, I even have to make fun of my 5th generation Southern Californian, self.

Here are some of my actual thoughts yesterday:

•  Oh, look rain!

•  I wonder when it will stop?

< Checks weather online and sees it’s expected to rain all day.>

•  I guess I’ll have to cancel my day.

•  I can’t drive anywhere if it’s raining.  (The car might explode if it gets wet??)

•  My house smells like a wet dog.

<Puts beach towel down for Fred to walk on as he goes in and out of the rain/backyard.>

•  I should make popcorn.  (Popcorn is a rain food.)

•  Will my jeans fit me if I make popcorn?  Maybe not.  I guess I won’t.

•  How am I going to walk Fred if it’s raining?

•  He will just have to play in the backyard today.  (It’s just for one day, after all.)

•  I bought cute rain boots a few months ago.  I should unpack them.

•  Meh … I don’t want to get them wet.  I’ll leave them in the box.

•  Did I really just decide to leave my new rain boots in the box so they don’t get wet?

•  That’s ridiculous.  I’m ridiculous.  I should write a blog post about this.

And, after all that …?

It stopped raining shortly after noon.

I did not make popcorn.

I did not wear my rain boots.

Fred DID get a walk.

I apologize to everyone for being such a Southern Californian.

2 Responses to “Rain In Orange County”

  1. Jenny

    ha… I don’t want my rain boots to get wet!
    Oh, how I love reading your posts.
    Fred is too freaking CUTE!

    • Suzanne

      Fred is cute … I’ll tell him you think so too! : )
      My rain boots will be good for next year?


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