The Weekend

I hope you had a nice weekend.

Last Friday, Paul Newman informed me my arm was not attached to my body.

He asked me why I hadn’t noticed.

“I’ve noticed it really hurts,” was my reply.

“I have to put it back,” he answered.

I grimaced, forced myself to take a deep breath, and he went to work.

And … guess what?

It still really hurts – which is very normal for a few days post re-attachment.

I’m seeing Dr. Painless today.

I’m sure he’ll give me a shot of Toradol to take the edge off the pain.

Have I mentioned I hate my arm?

I get so tired of battling pain all the f*cking time.

It’s exhausting.

Anyway, other than THAT … and the resulting lack of sleep,

It was an okay weekend.

Saturday morning, Fred had his first “official” training session.

He did really well – he’s a smart puppy.

There’s so much to learn when you’re new to the world.

Saturday afternoon I went to look at a few homes which are for sale.

(And no, I didn’t see any homes I would be interested in.)

It was cold over the weekend, by OC standards, so it seemed like good TV binge-watching weather.

I, along with the rest of the world, binge-watched the third season of House of Cards.

And …?

I had to work for several hours also.

Fred enjoyed the cool, rainy, weather.

He particularly liked the resulting mud puddles.

He gave me his Evil Side-Eye when I made him get out of the mud.

Fred The Newf (with attitude) at 17 weeks old.

“But, Mom, I LIKE mud puddles!”

Oh, Fred!

2 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    I was home sick and watched the entire season Saturday. This season had a different feel to me. Good but different. Then I finished reading Gone Girl and watched the movie. It was a great adaptation of the book. Both were great. Kisses to Fred!

  2. Linda Tustin

    I am sorry to hear about your arm. I know this has been an evil ongoing problem and I am sympathetic. I am sure having Fred is a great distraction but pain has a way of insisting your attention. Fred is of course adorable. Love the side eye look. 😛


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