The Weekend

I had a relaxing weekend – and I needed it!

I think Fred enjoyed himself too.

Fred cleans out the last of a peanut butter jar.

I had a lot of catch-up stuff to take care of over the weekend.

I also took Fred for a walk in Laguna Beach.

I try to get Fred out and about a lot.

It’s important he be exposed to *everything possible* as part of his service dog in-training socialization.

Fred has NO problem socializing when we go out.

We were stopped every few feet by people wanting to pet Fred, ask questions about Fred (“What kind of dog is he?”), and/or have their photos taken with Fred.  I know puppies attract attention, but Fred REALLY attracts attention.

Fred, apparently, is a crowd stopper.

I blame it on his cute puppy face.

But …?

I imagine Fred will be a crowd stopper when he’s full grown and GIGANTIC also.

There’s just something about a Newfie that people love.

They’re like teddy bears who have come to life ….

Fred (20 weeks old) enjoyed watching sunset in Laguna Beach.

Fred did a good job minding his manners.

He didn’t jump on anyone.

He let people of all sizes and shapes pet him … and enjoyed every minute of it.

He sat when I asked him too.

He listened to me.

And, 99% of the time he did what he was supposed to.

I thought it was pretty remarkable for his young age.

Fred still has a lot to learn.

But, I can honestly say, he’s way ahead of schedule with his training.

I’m very lucky to have such a motivated, intelligent, eager to please, dog.

2 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Denise

    He’s gotten so big, so fast! I’m sure he’s quite an attraction at your beaches 🙂 Glad you enjoyed a little time for yourself over the weekend. We all need that!

    • Suzanne

      Yes, we do!
      And it is really astonishing to watch a Newfie grow.
      They literally grow in front of your eyes!


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