The Weekend With Fred

My (Texas) son is home.

It’s so NICE to have him here.

We have beautiful, warm, beach weather … in the 80’s, for his visit.

He and Fred immediately re-bonded.

Fred grew five feet (??) over the weekend.

He is currently super tall … definitely taller than a retriever, and very skinny.

Fred was not happy to get a bath this weekend.

My son took a couple iPhone photos of the process:

Fred The Newf thinks being dirty is a better option!

Newfies have such expressive faces.

You can’t help but feel guilt when they let you know how terrible you’re treating them:

Save me from the torture of a bath!

Poor Fred!

After his bath, however, Fred got to join us on a trip to the beach.

I might just take a tiny nap in the golden glow of the sunset …

I know … sand, dirt, etc!

But …?

There is no keeping a Newf clean.

You just bathe them periodically and know they will only be clean for a minute or two before they’re dirty again.

While we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine (with crackers and cheese) as the sun set,

Fred played with sticks, met lots of people, and might have received a few slivers of cheese himself.

Several people commented that Fred “looks like a giant teddy bear.”

Oh, and that sunset?

It was pretty spectacular!

I had the opportunity to test out my new lens.

Sunset behind Catalina Island:  Click on photo to purchase, or to view larger, in 24atHeart gallery.

Overall, it was a really nice (and very relaxing) weekend.

It’s exactly what I needed after last week’s over-booked craziness!

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  1. Missy Stalcup

    Beautiful sunset. Darling photo of Fred. Have a great time with your son.


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