Where Did I Go?

I had a one day, unexpected, trip out of town.

It was related to a corporate project I’m working on right now.

I could, maybe, have crammed in a blog post, but I was feeling a little meh.

(Allergies – and my always terrible sinus issues that come with them.)

If you live nearby, you probably know the pollen count here is currently off the charts.

I guess that’s what happens when summer arrives in March.

In any case,

I’ve been very busy with several things.

One of my projects is an attempt to streamline both my business and personal  chaos  schedules.

I feel very fortunate with my work lately,

But … it’s time to update my systems.

What worked great two years ago, doesn’t necessarily fit my business now.

It’s so hard to keep life BALANCED, isn’t it?

I also have a tendency to put everyone, and everything, ahead of actually taking care of myself.

(I think this is a common problem with women/moms?)

I’ve been researching *better ways* to get/keep my life organized.

Currently, I keep track of my various meetings/appointments on my iPhone.

I also use a “list book” my daughter gave me.

Everything (work/personal/random) goes in the list book, but I’m realizing the way I use it now isn’t working well for me.

I like having everything in ONE book, but I can’t always find things when I need them.

My ONE book has a zillion post-it flags on various pages, etc.

So …?

I’m branching out and I’m going to experiment with several new organizational systems.

If possible, I’d have my home, my business, my travel schedule, and my personal life put into perfect order by tomorrow.

In reality, it’s going to take  quite a lot of  some time.

Every week, so far, I’ve been finding a few things around the house to throw away or donate.

It doesn’t sound like much but it’s easy to do every single week no matter how busy I am.

Slowly, gradually, I’m decluttering.

I’m also about to begin experimenting with new planners for scheduling my time more effectively.

I’ll still keep appointments on my phone, but I want to be able to SEE my life (and upcoming weeks/months) too.

I want to be able to plan in more detail than I can on my phone.

I’ll share with you what I try.

What will work?

What won’t?

Of course, what works for me might not work for you.

And vice versa.

Do you have a planner of any type?

Do you use it for work and personal/home stuff?

Do you use multiple planners?

No planners?

How do you keep your life organized?

I’d love to hear what you’ve tried/liked/disliked/had success with, etc.

I’m spring-cleaning my life!

2 Responses to “Where Did I Go?”

  1. Denise

    I no longer have a busy schedule so a wall calendar over my desk works for me. I don’t even know what’s available anymore since I downsized my life.
    Allergies, oh my gosh. I had an attack yesterday and was miserable. Went to the coast, thinking the air would be cleaner. My eyes were so irritated I could barely see to shoot. Ack.
    Feel better 🙂

    • Suzanne

      You too.
      My allergies have never been as bad as this year!


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