Feeling Crafty

I’ve had the craziest week.


On top of the craziness, I decided to work on a craft project in my spare time.

I have no spare time.

Oh, and also, my arm is currently not connected to my body.

(If you don’t follow me normally, you can better understand what I’m talking about by clicking here.)

So much pain!

And, also?

No sleep!

Anyway, I was so busy I haven’t written a proper post for today.

(And yesterday’s post about Fred went up much later than normal.)

But, I’m hoping to tell you all about my craft project in tomorrow’s post.

I wanted to wait until I have photos to share and I’m not quite done with it yet.

It’s an easy project anyone could make.

It also could make a very nice gift for someone.

Mine isn’t turning out perfectly, by any means.

I’m proud of it anyway.

I feel a sense of accomplishment as I see it coming together.

Stay tuned, and please come back tomorrow to hear all about it!


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