Fred Update – 24 Weeks Old

Several of you have asked for a Fred photo.

Here’s a quick iPhone photo of Fred The Newf looking very Goofie-Newfie yesterday:

24 week Old Fred © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Fred The Newf  —  24 Weeks Old

Fred loves his stuffed roadrunner.  He carries it around with him a lot.

Fred has seen REAL roadrunners, but he seems to like his toy roadrunner best.

Sometimes Fred looks very regal and majestic … but, obviously, not in the above photo.

I’m going to take Fred to the vet to be weighed this week.

All I really can say at this point is – Fred is gigantic.

(He’s big even by Newfie standards … he seems to be taking after his Very Large Newf Dad.)

I get interesting reactions when people meet Fred.

People assume he’s an adult because of his size.

People who are afraid of dogs are REALLY afraid of Fred since he’s so big.

I keep saying, “He’s only a puppy – he won’t hurt you.”

People who are familiar with the Newfie breed (and their very sweet temperaments) tend to squeal loudly, in delight, when Fred approaches.

I have several house projects in progress right now.

Fred either scares the workers to death …

Or, if they offer to pet him, covers them with love, affection, dog hair, and slobber.


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