Fred’s Weekend

My weekend was centered around Fred’s weekend.

Fred spent Saturday training.

Fred didn’t have the best behavior last week.

Fred The Newf 24 weeks © 2015 Suzanne Haggerty W

Fred The Newf looking handsome at 24+ weeks.

Last week, Fred experimented with ignoring me.

He pretended to be deaf to commands.

He was, at times, out-right stubborn.

He tested me over and over again.

I was very eager for Fred’s training session on Saturday.

The trainer told me Fred is doing great and, basically, I’m expecting too much for his age.

But …?

I then told the trainer Fred had been the perfect puppy …

He nodded and said, “Yes, but now he’s approaching six months of age and this is what they DO at that age.”

So …?

My puppy is no longer perfect, but I love him anyway.

On Sunday, I took Fred for a long car ride.

We went up to Santa Monica to Palisades Park to play.

Fred The Newf at Pacific Palisades Park in Santa Monica

Fred had a great time.

Palisades Park is full of tons of people, dogs, bikes, and sounds – loud cars, horns, sirens, etc.

I don’t think Fred had ever experienced so much stimulation at once.

And ….?

He was awesome.

He heeled perfectly.

He was great with all the people and dogs he met.

He listened to me … almost 100% of the time.

In fact, he was better behaved than many dogs we met who were much older than him.

I even asked him if he was willing to pose for a few shots with my new extra wide lens.

Fred was more than happy to oblige.

Fred The Newf looks extra giant!

I think Fred likes the idea of a lens that makes him look more gigantic than he already is.


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