I Wish I Was Good At …

I think of myself as a “generalist.”

I’m okay at doing a lot of different things.

I’m not great at doing many things.

There are so many talented people in this world.

Are you one of them?

There are so many things I wish I was good at.

I wish …

•  I was a good singer.  I would love to have a beautiful singing voice.  (I do sing joyfully – but off key!)

•  I wish I could draw something other than stick people.

•  I wish I could paint … especially with watercolors.

•  I wish I had more time for reading all the great books I’d like to read.

•  I wish I liked to sew and/or knit.  I stink at both and don’t really have any desire to get better.

•  I wish I was handier when things break around the house.  (I always have to call a repair person!)

•  I wish I had a knack for interior decorating … my house is never “together” and/or “done.”

•  I wish I had more courage to take risks.
Are you a generalist like me?
Or a specialist?
Or one of those people who is good at everything they try?


2 Responses to “I Wish I Was Good At …”

  1. Denise

    I am definitely a generalist. So many of the things you listed, I would also put on my list. I have never been able to draw or paint or do crafts. I don’t have the patience for sewing. I know I could learn to fix more things but for some reason I don’t. I have had a camera since I was 10 years old and I also write with ease. Other than that? Nope. I have to say, having a designer help with our kitchen remodel was the best thing ever. If I could afford it, I’d bring one in for the rest of my house.

  2. Missy Stalcup

    Excuse me, but you are an outstanding photographer and writer to say the least!


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