Seven Random Thoughts

•  The Kentucky Derby is quickly approaching.  I need to get my act together?  I wish I liked bourbon.  I really, really, do not like bourbon.  How am I going to get through a trip to Kentucky when I don’t like bourbon?

•  Someone asked me why I wanted a Midori when I can keep all my “notes” on my phone.  I was completely digital.  Awhile back my phone crashed.  All my “recoverable” notes … weren’t recoverable after all.  I still keep a ton of stuff on my phone, but I’m glad I have a back-up plan.  I like my small (passport sized) Midori so much, I’ll probably eventually get the standard Midori Traveler’s Notebook too.

•  I might be a stationery addict.  Just a little bit.  I’ve always loved book stores, and nice notebooks, and good quality paper.  If I had no budget restraints, I would probably collect a room full of beautiful notebooks and journals … preferably handmade from places all around the world.  There’s just something about a beautiful, blank, book waiting to be filled.  (Of course, I would love to travel around the world collecting all those journals as souvenirs from my adventures!)

•  I’m not a pen addict, but I know a few people who are.  I do like pens.  But, if I find one I like I tend to stick with it.  The only exception is probably the Lamy Safari fountain pens.  (They’re inexpensive as fountain pens go.)  Lamy releases new colors periodically and I find myself collecting the various colors.  The ink is the same in all of them, but the exteriors are different colors.  I think they release certain colors in limited editions?  I don’t follow it that closely, but if I see a new color I try to add it to my collection.  They make nice, affordable, gifts too.  I don’t own a single super-expensive pen and I don’t feel the need to.

•  I still had a “land-line” phone until last weekend.  I kept meaning to get rid of it, but I never seemed to get around to it.  Anyway, now that it’s disconnected, I’ve realized how many companies/people normally call me on that line.  Still, I should have gotten rid of that phone line a decade ago.  Do you have a land-line?  If so, why?

•  My arm has been bad lately.  Paul Newman and I have been discussing the ever-looming 10th surgery.  I can never get over the fear I have and actually do it.  But, when my pain level gets super high, I do find myself considering the possibility.  I know my doctor wants me to do it.  And, Paul Newman does too.  But, I’ve been through a lot and I don’t know if I could handle more.  I also worry something could go wrong.  What if I couldn’t shoot again?  What if I lost my (already limited) ability to manage a camera?

•  Today I’m going to make a better jingle bell attachment for my door.  Fred knows to ring the bells when he wants to go outside.  When I first came up with the idea, I wasn’t sure it would work.  But, Fred learned what to do very quickly.  I’d like to put together a more permanent attachment now that I know it will be well used.

4 Responses to “Seven Random Thoughts”

  1. Judi

    We still have a land line. My husband didn’t have a cell phone until recently (I know!!), and now that he does we have less use for the land line, but when we went to Cox to disconnect it, they re-jiggered our account to still save us money but with keeping the land line. We only give that number to people we really don’t want to talk to, and screen all calls so almost never pick it up.

    I love the idea of journals, but I never know what to write. As much as I love words, I guess I’m just not a writer at heart. I still keep a small Moleskine in my purse for jotting down notes. Like you, I don’t want everything in my phone, although the notes I do have are in Evernote and definitely recoverable. I couldn’t function without Evernote.

    I don’t like the taste of most alcohol, so I wish you luck in Kentucky. Maybe they have magical bourbon that tastes better in that atmosphere with all the lushness and horses. I just can’t wait to see the dress and hat on you!

    I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. I completely understand the fear of surgery, but hope that somehow you can find some relief.

    • Suzanne

      I love, and use, Evernote … it’s a great app.
      I still find I like to see a lot of things laid out in front of me on paper though.

      I don’t actually keep a “dear diary” type of journal, but I do find all sorts of other uses for them.
      A few are so beautiful I can’t bring myself to “ruin” them with my messy handwriting.
      (Crazy I know!)

      Thanks for your well wishes.
      I’m sure, regardless of my decision on surgery, I will be fine.
      It’s just one of those things …..

  2. Denise

    We still have a land line because we have DSL and are outside the boundaries of getting anything faster. We haven’t had a phone hooked up to it for a long time but it’s still necessary.
    When I lived in the Bay Area, I used to love wandering through Papyrus. What a great store! I suppose you have them down in your area and you’ve spent more than a little time there as well.
    Sorry about your arm. I can’t imagine the constant pain and the decisions you have to make. I hope it subsides in time for you to enjoy Kentucky, with or without the bourbon.

    • Suzanne

      OK, I’m blaming you for my trip to Papyrus yesterday. : )
      I hadn’t been in that store for awhile and I found a couple really cute things.

      I’ll have a lot of friends and family with me in Kentucky so I’m hoping I don’t have to do much carrying/lifting of luggage etc.
      Let’s hope!


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