Texas, Then Home

I had a nice, but busy, few days in Texas.

I shot a lot of portraits.

I explored some architecture.

I visited my college-aged son and spoiled him with some nice meals out.

I walked a lot.

I attended the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival.

It was a lot of fun.

They even had live music.

Usually, at most art festivals, there’s a lot of the same old stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised, and a bit intrigued, by some of the art I experienced in Texas.

I love seeing people express their creativity in unique ways.

(I didn’t take many photos of the art booths because I was trying to rest my arm.)

Fred The Newf and I were overjoyed to see each other again when I got home.

He was spoiled rotten in my absence.

(But he tried to make me feel guilty for leaving him anyway.)

I gave Fred a lot of pets and hugs.

He gave me a lot of slobbery kisses.

I also returned home to an “extra” physical therapy appointment.

I might have yelped when Paul Newman touched my arm.

Embarrassed, I immediately apologized.

(He apologized too … even though he had barely touched me.)

Traveling is never good for my arm.

Now, I’m back to work and,

Simultaneously, trying to get caught up with life.

There’s always so much to do and so little time!


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