The Derby Dress!

Yesterday, as I frantically tried to get my Texas details in order ….

I came across the perfect dress to wear to the Kentucky Derby.

You may remember, I’ve already purchased a gigantic purple Derby hat.

Finding a dress to go with it has been much more difficult than I expected.

Derby dresses are supposed to be spring-ish and ladylike – very Southern Belle-ish.

And …. finally!


I’m thrilled I finally found something.

It’s in my closet and waiting for Derby.

I think I’m going to wear nude shoes with it.

It’s such a relief … the Derby is only a couple weeks away!

3 Responses to “The Derby Dress!”

  1. Mj

    That dress is darling! Did we already see the Derby hat? I think I missed it? Hope someone will take your picture once you are all dressed up.

  2. Michelle

    Ooh! I want one!! This is the style (and colors) my daughter and I wear. Photos please. 🙂


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